There, There - A Tribute to Radiohead Live at WCL 2022 (Full Show!)

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Dans Radiohead

A really special night - thanks to all who attended!
Video edited by me using footage from Ashlan Media:

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Intro 0:00
Daydreaming 2:24
There There 9:26
2+2=5 14:52
Weird Fishes 18:36
The Numbers 24:08
How to Disappear Completely 30:00
Airbag 37:57
Paranoid Android 42:46
Subterranean Homesick Alien 49:19
Exit Music (For a Film) 53:58
Let Down 58:39
Karma Police 1:03:38
Fitter Happier 1:08:05
Electioneering 1:10:30
Climbing Up the Walls 1:14:47
No Surprises 1:19:21
Lucky 1:23:07
The Tourist 1:28:04
Just 1:34:14
Blow Out 1:38:51
Everything In Its Right Place 1:43:22
Give Up the Ghost 1:50:36
Fake Plastic Trees 1:55:20
True Love Waits 2:01:23

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