Radiohead - Full Concert in 4K - Live in Seattle - Front row - April 8, 2017

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The video is less shaky once the press leaves. Jump to 17:30 to start out (relatively) smooth.

Front Row
Camera: Lumix GX85
Audio: Zoom H1 (not soundboard... sorry bout that)

Since I found no full Radiohead concerts in 4K, I thought I'd provide one.
Although I was on the rail, the photographers were all over the band during the first 3 songs, making the video rather shaky. It gets much smoother once they leave.
I had 3 technical difficulties, during Bodysnatchers, Present Tense, and the end of Everything in its Right Place. My 3 camera batteries depleted before the final song, so I was forced to use a Galaxy S5. Please understand.

***Video may be restricted to 1440p on browsers such as Firefox.
Chrome and various Youtube TV apps support 4K playback.***

I've done this since 2008 for people who are not able to attend Radiohead shows, and for people who want to re-live their priceless memories, from a different perspective. I have a degree in media production, so filming does not take away from my experience whatsoever. On the contrary, it is a massively rewarding process for me. It would feel wrong to *not* record a Radiohead show anymore, unless I had cheap seats with a mediocre view. Even then, I'd really want to record a few songs.

I decided to film this show in 4K rather than 1080p60 because I have three 4K screens in my home, and I feel that's where tech is heading. Also, there are quality 1080p60 live Radiohead videos online, so check those out. And, screenshots from 4K videos make amazing, high quality 8 megapixel photos, as long as there is no motion blur.
Special thanks to the kind people on the rail who gave me room to film. This video would be a shaky mess without you.

I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did.

A kind soul has tracked my concert audio, ready to be burned to 2 CDs. The format is FLAC. I recorded the show in 24 bit, 96kHz WAV. Youtube undoubtedly converts the audio to a far inferior format for streaming, so I encourage you to download the audio in its best quality.

Part 1:!lqhFnZ5L!Jln...._Lf-y2LPEdu2tkridKLu
Part 2:!QqITyL5K!Wpe....sxqxAPRqIs2d-idJtYlF

Upon request:
Donations are welcome! I don't see a penny from YouTube for any of my videos.
My PayPal is
Donations will be rewarded with a massive 4K screenshot album of 300+ (and growing) photos of my favorite moments from this full show, taken from the original raw 4K videos for the highest image quality possible.
Thanks for your support!!

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