Midnight Oil - Sydney - October 3 2022

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I feel as if enough has already been said about Midnight Oil’s final concert and I have little else to add. I’ll let the performance speak for itself, except that my rather poor reproduction doesn’t really do it justice. I would have liked to have been sitting a little closer and at less of an angle, but all things being considered, I’m happy to have gotten a seat with a view, for most of the time, of all members of the band (sorry Leah and Liz). And I never would have managed competing with the diehard Powderworkers for a position at the barrier. At over 3 hours and 45 minutes, a total of 40 songs, it was a truly epic performance. I recorded songs as my fancies took me, but I think I’ve ended up with an interesting collection of both old and new:

I'm the Cure (01:01)
Tone Poem (04:34)
At the Time of Writing (10:41)
Nobody's Child (15:44)
We Are Not Afraid (20:33)
Who Can Stand in the Way (25:06)
US Forces (29:20)
Drop in the Ocean (33:35)
Now or Never Land (37:31)
Only the Strong (43:28)
Best of Both Worlds (48:43)
Last Frontier (52:41)
Gadigal Land (59:01)
Read About It (01:03:40)
My Country (01:09:53)
No Time for Games (01:13:22)
Blue Sky Mine (01:19:56)

I would very much have liked to have recorded a couple of the songs after ‘Blue Sky Mine’ but by then both my batteries were dead. Enjoying the encores without worrying about videoing was actually a great way to see The Oils out.

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