Full Show - Midnight Oil - Parkbühne Leipzig - July 6, 2022 - PhonesUP

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PhonesUp software collates, synchs & edits all those 5, 10, 15, and 20 second audience iPhone clips into multi-angle concert videos that capture the excitement of live shows in a way that wasn't possible before. After the show, the audience uploads their clips directly from their iPhone. No app required. "Awesome...I Shot That" took the Beastie Boys over a year to edit, PhonesUP software does it in days. Unfortunately we didn't get any enough clips to create an edit for this song but we knew you'd want to see it anyway.

If you work at a label, manage artists/bands, are an artist or in a band, get in touch. We want to create videos like this for you with the audiences at your shows... THAT YOU OWN. Our goal is to help artists and bands create an archive of their shows while connecting them to their fans in a whole new way.
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Full Show - Midnight Oil - Parkbühne Leipzig - July 6, 2022

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