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⁣Radiohead - The Bends 1995

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⁣Red Hot Chili Peppers Live Spectacle complet complet du festival de musique Lollapalooza Grant Park Chicago le 6 août 2023

0:01:18 Entrance
0:01:48 Intro Jam
0:06:16 Can't Stop
0:11:42 Scar Tissue
0:15:12 Outro Jam
0:15:55 Drum Solo
0:16:35 Dani California
0:21:46 Aquatic Mouth Dance
0:26:22 Jam
0:27:37 Suck My Kiss
0:31:43 Orange Claw Hammer (Flea)
0:32:22 Soul To Squeeze
0:37:06 Dreamboy/Dreamgirl (John)
0:38:36 Jam
0:39:50 London Calling
0:40:06 Right On Time
0:42:33 Carry Me Home
0:46:28 Tell Me Baby
0:50:26 Californication Jam
0:54:58 Californication
1:01:05 Black Summer
1:05:31 By The Way

1:09:47 I Could Have Lied
1:14:05 Jam
1:17:50 Give It Away

Intro Jam
Can't Stop
Scar Tissue
Dani California
Aquatic Mouth Dance
Suck My Kiss
Soul to Squeeze
(Cynthia & Johnny O cover) (John solo)
Right on Time
(The Clash's "London Calling" intro)
Carry Me Home
Tell Me Baby
Black Summer
By the Way
I Could Have Lied
Play Video
Give It Away

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Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
All Rights Reserved - Red Hot Chili Peppers and Warner Music Group

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⁣The Cult en concert live à Los Angeles, 2001

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MIDNIGHT OIL - Live @ The Royal Antler Hotel, Narrabeen, NSW (Australia) 02 May 1980

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PhonesUp software collates, synchs & edits all those 5, 10, 15, and 20 second audience iPhone clips into multi-angle concert videos that capture the excitement of live shows in a way that wasn't possible before. After the show, the audience uploads their clips directly from their iPhone. No app required. "Awesome...I Shot That" took the Beastie Boys over a year to edit, PhonesUP software does it in days. Unfortunately we didn't get any enough clips to create an edit for this song but we knew you'd want to see it anyway.

If you work at a label, manage artists/bands, are an artist or in a band, get in touch. We want to create videos like this for you with the audiences at your shows... THAT YOU OWN. Our goal is to help artists and bands create an archive of their shows while connecting them to their fans in a whole new way.
Check our mission at

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Full Show - Midnight Oil - Parkbühne Leipzig - July 6, 2022

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Filmed at BBC Television Centre, London, UK, 25th June 1993.


In the Valley
My Country


Midnight Oil:

Peter Garrett: Vocals, harmonica
Rob Hirst: Drums
Jim Moginie: Guitar, keyboards
Martin Rotsey: Guitar
Bones Hillman: Bass

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The men in black return to Palace D'Hiver near the end of the Feline tour. One audience member gets a banana forcefully shoved up thier brown eye.

0:00:00 Aural Sculpture Manifesto (Intro)
0:03:07 Down In The Sewer
0:10:55 Toiler On The Sea
0:16:48 Ships That Pass In The Night
0:20:58 It's A Small World
0:25:56 No More Heroes
0:29:36 Who Wants The World?
0:32:48 Never Say Goodbye
0:36:21 Golden Brown
0:40:28 Midnight Summer Dream/
0:47:26 The European Female
0:51:08 The Raven
0:56:25 5 Minutes
1:00:11 Tank
1:03:05 London Lady
1:05:38 Fan get's a banana shoved up somewhere
1:12:30 Cocktail Nubiles (English lesson)
1:14:28 Bring On The Nubiles
1:17:31 Hanging Around

#thestranglers #france #lyon #punk #punkrock #newwave #concert #music #jjburnel #hughcornwell #davegreenfield #jetblack #1983 #80s #80smusic #retro #live #goldenbrown #feline #tour #mib #acusticguitar #keyboard #synth #bass #bassguitar #guitar #rock #nomoreheroes #nostalgia #strangled

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0:00 The Dead Heart
6:49 Bullroarer
11:39 Dreamworld
15:35 Ned Kelly Was King
19:33 Truganini
24:10 Whoah
27:56 Stars of Warburton
32:38 No Time for Games
40:08 Treaty (with Busby Marou)
42:44 Luritja Way
46:38 Short Memory
52:52 US Forces
57:02 Kosciusko
1:02:03 Warakurna
1:06:32 Redneck Wonderland
1:09:39 Jimmy Sharman's Boxers
1:16:09 Beds Are Burning
1:21:03 Blue Sky Mine
1:25:09 Hercules
1:29:35 Read About It
1:33:50 Tin Legs and Tin Mines
1:38:20 Power and the Passion
1:45:10 Forgotten Years
1:49:34 Bakerman
1:50:20 Best of Both Worlds
1:54:14 One Country

Thank you to all the Big Red Bashers for additional footage. Thanks to Jeff S, Tim S, Bronwen S, Greg E, Darren H, Geoff R, Sandra T, Jacqueline F, Terry M, Anthony B, Maureen S, Shane P, Hannah P and Phil D.

More Oils:

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The video is less shaky once the press leaves. Jump to 17:30 to start out (relatively) smooth.

Front Row
Camera: Lumix GX85
Audio: Zoom H1 (not soundboard... sorry bout that)

Since I found no full Radiohead concerts in 4K, I thought I'd provide one.
Although I was on the rail, the photographers were all over the band during the first 3 songs, making the video rather shaky. It gets much smoother once they leave.
I had 3 technical difficulties, during Bodysnatchers, Present Tense, and the end of Everything in its Right Place. My 3 camera batteries depleted before the final song, so I was forced to use a Galaxy S5. Please understand.

***Video may be restricted to 1440p on browsers such as Firefox.
Chrome and various Youtube TV apps support 4K playback.***

I've done this since 2008 for people who are not able to attend Radiohead shows, and for people who want to re-live their priceless memories, from a different perspective. I have a degree in media production, so filming does not take away from my experience whatsoever. On the contrary, it is a massively rewarding process for me. It would feel wrong to *not* record a Radiohead show anymore, unless I had cheap seats with a mediocre view. Even then, I'd really want to record a few songs.

I decided to film this show in 4K rather than 1080p60 because I have three 4K screens in my home, and I feel that's where tech is heading. Also, there are quality 1080p60 live Radiohead videos online, so check those out. And, screenshots from 4K videos make amazing, high quality 8 megapixel photos, as long as there is no motion blur.
Special thanks to the kind people on the rail who gave me room to film. This video would be a shaky mess without you.

I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did.

A kind soul has tracked my concert audio, ready to be burned to 2 CDs. The format is FLAC. I recorded the show in 24 bit, 96kHz WAV. Youtube undoubtedly converts the audio to a far inferior format for streaming, so I encourage you to download the audio in its best quality.

Part 1:!lqhFnZ5L!Jln...._Lf-y2LPEdu2tkridKLu
Part 2:!QqITyL5K!Wpe....sxqxAPRqIs2d-idJtYlF

Upon request:
Donations are welcome! I don't see a penny from YouTube for any of my videos.
My PayPal is
Donations will be rewarded with a massive 4K screenshot album of 300+ (and growing) photos of my favorite moments from this full show, taken from the original raw 4K videos for the highest image quality possible.
Thanks for your support!!

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Live at Metro, Chicago, IL, USA
1080p, 60ps (upscaled)

--) 00:00 - Interview with Colin And Thom
1) 01:38 - Creep
--) 05:42 - Interview with Colin And Thom
2) 07:07 - You
3) 10:35 - Prove Yourself
4) 13:20 - The Bends
5) 17:26 - Vegetable
--) 20:36 - Interview with Colin And Thom
6) 29:18 - Ripcord
7) 32:27 - Faithless, the Wonder Boy
8) 36:09 - How do You
9) 38:35 - Stop Whispering
10) 43:49 - Inside my Head
11) 47:20 - Anyone Can Play Guitar
12) 51:10 - Pop is Dead
----) 53:31 - Extra + Interview with Radiohead

Missing - Lurgee, Banana Co., Killer Cars, Blow Out.

For entertainment purposes only.
All rights reserved to their respective owners.
thanks to @jbtvonline

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⁣Radiohead en concert à Toronto en 1998

Karma Police
The Bends
Exit Music
Climbing Up The Walls
Subterranean Homesick Alien
My Iron Lung
Planet Telex
No Surprises
The Trickster
Talk Show Host
Paranoid Android
Street Spirit
How To Disappear Completely
Fake Plastic Trees
The Tourist

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⁣Radiohead en concert à Sao Paulo en 2009

02:30 15 Step
07:03 There There
12:35 The National Anthem
17:30 All I Need
21:36 Pyramid Song
26:42 Karma Police
31:24 Nude
36:03 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
41:47 The Gloaming
45:45 Talk Show Host
50:48 Optimistic
55:25 Faust Arp
58:28 Jigsaw Falling Into Place
1:02:43 Idioteque
1:07:00 Climbing Up The Walls
1:11:30 Exit Music (For A Film)
1:16:14 Bodysnatchers
1:20:50 Videotape
1:25:55 Paranoid Android
1:33:30 Fake Plastic Trees
1:38:33 Lucky
1:42:42 Reckoner
1:49:10 House Of Cards
1:55:18 You And Whose Army?
1:58:43 Everything In It's Right Place
2:06:32 Creep

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A really special night - thanks to all who attended!
Video edited by me using footage from Ashlan Media:

There, There's social media:

Here are some affiliate links to the gear I use - in some cases, I’ve substituted newer or similar items. Purchasing gear from these links helps support my channel, so thanks in advance!

Guitars and Basses (Sweetwater affiliate links):
Fender EOB Stratocaster:
Squier CV Starcaster:
Epiphone Casino:
Gibson SG Standard:
Fender Telecaster:
Fender Jazzmaster:
Gibson Les Paul Standard:
Squier Affinity P Bass:
Fender Jazz Bass:

Synthesizers (Perfect Circuit affiliate links):
Nord Piano:
Prophet Rev 2:
Arturia V Collection:
Korg MS20 Mini:
Korg Volca Bass:
Korg Volca Sample:

Drum Gear (Sweetwater affiliate links):
Ddrum Dios Maple
Zildjian A Custom Cymbals
DW 5000 Kick Pedal
DW 9000 Hi Hat Stand
Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad
Vic Firth 8D Drumsticks

Amplifiers (Sweetwater affiliate links):
Vox AC30HW2
Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb

Accessories (Sweetwater affiliate links):
Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 10-46
Ernie Ball Ultra Slinky 10-48
Ernie Ball Turbo Slinky 9.5-46
Dunlop Nylon Picks .73
Dunlop Nylon Picks .60
D’Addario Bass Chromes Flatwound

Effects (Sweetwater affiliate links):
Digitech Whammy 5
ElectroHarmonix 1440 Looper
ElectroHarmonix Deluxe Memory Man XO
ElectroHarmonix Small Stone Nano
ElectroHarmonix Holy Grail Neo
ISP Decimator II G String
Morley Volume Plus Wah Pedal
Boss DD200
Boss MD200
MXR Timmy

Recording (Sweetwater affiliate links):
ElectroVoice RE20 Microphone
Presonus Quantum
Universal Audio 4-710D
Audient ASP800
MacBook Pro
Soundtoys 5

Intro 0:00
Daydreaming 2:24
There There 9:26
2+2=5 14:52
Weird Fishes 18:36
The Numbers 24:08
How to Disappear Completely 30:00
Airbag 37:57
Paranoid Android 42:46
Subterranean Homesick Alien 49:19
Exit Music (For a Film) 53:58
Let Down 58:39
Karma Police 1:03:38
Fitter Happier 1:08:05
Electioneering 1:10:30
Climbing Up the Walls 1:14:47
No Surprises 1:19:21
Lucky 1:23:07
The Tourist 1:28:04
Just 1:34:14
Blow Out 1:38:51
Everything In Its Right Place 1:43:22
Give Up the Ghost 1:50:36
Fake Plastic Trees 1:55:20
True Love Waits 2:01:23

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⁣Radiohead en concert Glastonbury 2011

01:55 Lotus Flower
07:35 15 Step
12:06 Morning Mr Magpie
17:05 Little By Little
22:32 All I Need
28:05 Separator
34:50 Give Up The Ghost
40:10 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
46:05 Staircase
51:20 I Might Be Wrong
56:53 Bloom
1:03:45 Reckoner
1:09:25 The Daily Mail
-- Encore --
1:14:38 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

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Compilation of live tracks from 1977 to 1981

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#englishmusic #englishsongs #songs
Pink Floyd Greatest Hits | Pink Floyd Full Album Best Of Songs

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The Dark Side 50 Tour - The Dark Side of The Moon album anniversary show
Paris Le palais des Congrès - 2023 February 05

recorded with my cellphone, without steadicam - 4K

Set list:
00:00 Speak to me / Breathe
05:39 On the run
09:01 Time
14:48 Breathe (reprise)
16:05 The great gig in the sky
21:25 Money
27:48 Us and them
35:34 Any colour you like
38:58 Brain damage
42:46 Eclipse
44:58 On the turning away
51:28 The happiest days of our lives
53:20 Another brick in the wall, part II
1:00:18 In the flesh ?
1:05:00 See Emily play
1:07:55 Shine on you crazy diamond (not recorded) - (you can find the title here ... same place, same date:
1:08:09 Welcome to the machine
1:15:20 Wish you were here
1:21:20 High hopes
1:29:30 Pigs (three different ones)
1:41:35 One of these days
1:48:49 Run like hell
1:57:00 Comfortably numb

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Pink Floyd Greatest Hits Full Album 2022
Pink Floyd Greatest Hits Full Album 2022
Pink Floyd Greatest Hits Full Album 2022

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