The Stranglers

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The men in black return to Palace D'Hiver near the end of the Feline tour. One audience member gets a banana forcefully shoved up thier brown eye.

0:00:00 Aural Sculpture Manifesto (Intro)
0:03:07 Down In The Sewer
0:10:55 Toiler On The Sea
0:16:48 Ships That Pass In The Night
0:20:58 It's A Small World
0:25:56 No More Heroes
0:29:36 Who Wants The World?
0:32:48 Never Say Goodbye
0:36:21 Golden Brown
0:40:28 Midnight Summer Dream/
0:47:26 The European Female
0:51:08 The Raven
0:56:25 5 Minutes
1:00:11 Tank
1:03:05 London Lady
1:05:38 Fan get's a banana shoved up somewhere
1:12:30 Cocktail Nubiles (English lesson)
1:14:28 Bring On The Nubiles
1:17:31 Hanging Around

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The Stranglers and friends live @ The Rainbow 1980

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Filmed on the Ruby Anniversary Tour. Taken from the 40th Anniversary DVD. A Nyquest Limited production. ©2014 Coursegood Limited

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If you sit back far enough, the picture isn't half bad. Juiced up the mono audio track a bit as it was always a little stuffy & muffly.

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Horseshoe Tavern Toronto Canada 15th of april 1978. The black and white album is recorded and has just been fully mixed in LA.

Not the full 16 track boot.

00:00 Bring On The Nubiles
02:56 Dead Ringer
05:37 Hanging Around
09:49 Nice 'N' Sleazy
13:42 No More Heroes
17:42 Tank
20:48 Threatened
23:55 Burning Up Time
26:55 Straighten Out
29:55 Down In The Sewer

#thestranglers #punkrock #punk #music #newwave #davegreenfield #jjburnel #jetblack #hughcornwell #1978 #70s #70smusic #retro #canada #toronto #nostalgia #nomoreheroes #blackandwhite

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the stranglers live at fontwell park,originally issued by SIS

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The Stranglers - Hanging around, live at the Guildford college, October 19th 1978
1 of many stranglers videos on this channel, all taken from my videotape collection, new video everyday, so Subscribe, comment, share and enjoy

#stranglers #thestranglers #scottishteevee

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The Stranglers On Stage On Screen is Produced by Robin Bextor and Sanjay Kumar and Directed by Robin Bextor.
THE FILMED CONCERT WAS A SELL-OUT, recorded at the Shepherd‘s Bush Empire on 2 December 2005, and has been described as The Stranglers‘ greatest ever live gig.
The Stranglers’ line-up is: Jean Jacques Burnel; Jet Black; Dave Greenfield; Paul Roberts; Baz Warne. The Guildford, Surrey, band was formed in September of 1974 as a pub rock group but they later branched out to explore other styles of music using psychedelia, Doors-like keyboard and the driving aggression of punk and new wave. Finally settling on the style for which they are universally known — and that takes the best of all The Stranglers’ musical ventures — the band quickly had an album full of classics under their belts, including the terrific No More Heroes and Peaches.

Now that the great tunes, the driving bass lines, the melodic guitars and the intricate keyboards had come together, The Stranglers promoted their individuality and their talent while cornering the market in black leather. Very un-PC maybe, but that was part of the package. Even when Hugh Cornwell left The Stranglers, the band still would not be tamed and, even after Paul Roberts took on lead vocals, the enfants terribles went from strength to strength.

This hard-driving, aggressive band still sells-out venues all over Europe but conversely it is with gentler melodies such as the beautiful Golden Brown and Strange Little Girl where they have enjoyed some of their greatest successes. The Stranglers On Stage On Screen DVD is representative of the band’s work across the board. Check out the acoustic set and tracks from the last album, Norfolk Coast.

The Stranglers On Stage On Stage is spellbinding: from the moment the band storms onto the stage, the audience is enthralled and the band performs with all the energy and passion they have always had. Enthusiastic cheers greet such wonderful offerings as All Day And All Of The Night and the delightful Big Thing Coming.

The Stranglers’ ethos is to work hard and play hard; conversing with the appreciative crowd between splendid tracks that include the magnificent Lost Control and No More Heroes, and The Stranglers’ fine version of Walk On By. Throw in the stirring Burning Up Time and The Stranglers’ repertoire proves their versatility as the band plays both an electric and an acoustic set.
The Stranglers On Stage On Screen includes the film Norfolk Coast and is available now on DVD (released 8 December, 2008). Cat No: NW800003 | Barcode: 5060000800036 | RRP: £14.99 | Cert: 15 | Running time: 126 minutes (total).

Tracklisting (2 sets)

Waltzinblack (intro) | Norfolk Coast | All Day And All Of The Night | Big Thing Coming | Peaches | Skin Deep | Always The Sun | Long Black Veil | I’ve Been Waiting | Lost Control | Goodbye Toulouse | Summat Outanowt | Walk On By | Duchess | Burning Up Time | Toiler On The Sea | Time To Die | Tank | Mine All Mine | No More Heroes

Instead Of This | Southern Mountains | Dutch Moon | Tucker’s Grave | Strange Little Girl | Sanfte Kuss | Still Life | Norfok Coast | All Day And All Of The Night | Death And Night And Blood | Big Thing Coming | Peaches | Skin Deep | Always The Sun | Long Black Veil | I’ve Been Wild | Lost Control | Goodbye Toulouse | Summat Outanowt | Walk On By | Duchess | Burning Up Time | Toiler On The Sea | Time To Die | Tank | Mine All Mine | No More Heroes
Official website:
Official Merchandise:
The Norfolk Coast CD is available on EMI Records.
Norfolk Coast
Accompanying the music is the mini-feature film Norfolk Coast, shot in 2006 entirely on location in Norfolk and London.
It is a dark, and at times extremely uncomfortable, film about disturbed, 43-year-old Warner Tucker (Jean Jacques Burnel) who suffered from an abusive childhood involving black magic. In an effort to blot out the nightmares that haunt him, and blaming his father Tucker (Nicholas Ball) for not protecting him when he was a child, he turns to drink.

His estranged wife Wendy (Lynsey Baxter) and his cousin Linda (Susannah York) shared his childhood and he is determined not to allow this horrific past to affect his young daughter Carrie (Millie Gallimore).

But Wendy, who suffers bouts of depression as she tries to deal with her own demons, has had enough of the way Warner behaves as a result of his childhood and walks off, never to return. Her body is found some time later by trawlermen.

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The three Official tracks have been removed.

Subscribe to enjoy more new Punk New Wave videos (mainly 1976 – 1981) which are being added from my collection. These are from TV of the time and my VHS trading days of the early 1980, and for all now to enjoy.

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Live At The Roundhouse London Oct 21th 1977
01 (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
02 Sometimes
03 I Feel Like A Wog
04 Dagenham Dave
05 Deadringer
06 Bitching
07 Peaches
08 No More Heroes
09 Hanging Around
10 Burning Up Time
11 Straighten Out
12 Something Better Change
13 London Lady

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Great gig at the Olympia in Paris 03/11/2023
check my channel for more and subscribe, more to come!

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The Stranglers on their first trip to Japan during the late stages of the Black and White tour and the Raven sound is starting to form. The keyboards sound icy and sharp while the guitar has been washed clean, removing all the aggressive overdrive from the punk days. An outstanding recording of a great live performance.


0:00:00 Hanging Around
0:04:37 Burning Up Time
0:08:00 Straighten Out
0:11:00 Dead Ringer
0:14:02 Bring On The Nubiles
0:18:00 Dagenham Dave
0:21:02 No More Heroes
0:25:18 Outside Tokyo
0:27:55 Curfew
0:31:52 Tank
0:35:23 Threatened
0:38:47 Nice 'N' Sleazy
0:42:52 Do You Wanna?
0:45:04 Death And Night And Blood (Yukio)
0:48:21 London Lady
0:50:41 Down In The Sewer
0:58:36 Five Minutes
1:02:11 Dead Loss Angeles
1:04:42 Toiler On The Sea

#thestranglers #punk #thestranglerslive #theraven #blackandwhite #music #newwave #punk #punkrock #70s #1979 #jetblack #jjburnel #davegreenfield #hughcornwell #meninblack #rat #japan #live #concert #tour #bass #guitar #drums #keyboard #band #retro

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Recorded on the opening night of the Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival and featuring the only performance of 'Tits'.

Straighten Out and Hangin' Around featured on the double LP Front Row Festival and 'Tits' on the free white vinyl single with Black and White album.

0:00 Tits
5:39 Choosey Susie
8:40 Goodbye Toulouse
12:04 Bitching
16:19 Mean To Me
18:50 School Mam
24:43 Peasant In The Big Shitty
28:17 In The Shadows
32:48 Walk On By
38:25 Princess Of The Streets
43:17 Go Buddy Go
50:25 No More Heroes
54:02 Straighten Out
56:58 Peaches
1:00:40 Hanging Around
1:04:52 Dagenham Dave
1:08:08 Sometimes
1:13:05 Bring On The Nubiles
1:15:32 London Lady

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FM Broadcast of The Stranglers from Reading Festival 1983

0:00 Nuclear Device
3:20 Toiler On The Sea
8:59 Ships That Pass In The Night
13:09 No More Heroes
17:04 Golden Brown
21:07 Midnight Summer's Dream
28:20 European Female
31:01 Thrown Away
34:46 The Raven
40:10 Duchess
42:24 London Lady
44:47 Down In The Sewer

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False start on Shah Shah a Go Go and bail out on the Raven. Rowdy crowd throwing things up on stage?

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Set List: No More Heroes / Ugly / Bring On The Nubiles / Dead Ringer / Sometimes /
Dagenham Dave / In The Shadows / Hanging Around / 5 Minutes / Bitching / Burning Up Time /
I Feel Like A Wog / Straighten Out / Something Better Change / London Lady / Peaches /
(Get A) Grip (On Yourself) / Go Buddy Go

To think a short time before they would have been treading the boards in the pubs of the Capital at the Nashville, the Speakeasy, the Roxy, the Red Deer, the Red Cow, the Hope & Anchor, the 100 Club, the Torrington, The Marquee & The Rock Garden either in support or headlining in their own right.
Five nights at the London Roundhouse in Camden. First time such a run of gigs by anybody had featured. This the 4th set of gigs there, they had been involved in during 1977. January saw them supporting the Pink Fairies, then in April their first headlining set just as Rattus Norvegicus was about to be released on vinyl. June saw a triumphant return at the end of Rats on the Road summer marathon around the country. Here though following the release of the second album on vinyl, No More Heroes, a huge run of gigs back in the Capital towards the end of the tour that started in September. Some tracks from this series of gigs would go to feature on Live (X-Cert) in 1979.
This night they were on form, a celebration of their two successful albums of the year & a hatful of singles from the charts. 1977 had been their year, a celebration of recognition following their non-stop touring.
They even managed to fit in European gigs in France, Holland, Germany, Sweden aswell as a promo visit to the US.

This gig was recorded by the BBC for John Peel and aired on Radio 1 on 27 December 1977. It wasn't broadcast in its entirety.

Just about the hardest gigging Band around, never stopping. On a mission, as the Pied Piper, taking their Rats Rally to the Sewers wherever your part of the country was.
And before the year was out, there was still time to start on the next album that was to become Black and White.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

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The Stranglers - No More Heroes (TopPop) (1977) (HD)

..or, watch "Take Two" of this one for an even more bigger pisstake... ;-)

The Stranglers - No More Heroes - Take Two (TopPop) (1977) (HD)

Something tells me they weren't taking either of these appearances on "TopPop" very seriously... ;-)

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