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LPLive Show Page:

Linkin Park performs Live at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Germany on November 19, 2014 as part of their Hunting Party European Tour. First 6 minutes of this broadcast has audio issues. This concert was broadcast in 4K on European Samsung 4K Ultra HDTVs via a HEVC standard from an SES Astra satellite at 19.2°E.

00:01:11 Mashup Intro #2 (with Session, 1stp Klosr, The Requiem, The Summoning, The Catalyst, Guilty All The Same)
00:02:32 Guilty All The Same
00:08:29 Given Up (Extended Outro with Extra Note)
00:11:57 Points Of Authority (Shortened Intro)
00:15:12 One Step Closer (Extended Outro)
00:18:27 Blackout [Shortened (Intro and Partial Outro Instrumental Only); Extended Papercut Beat Outro Transition]
00:20:23 Papercut [Shortened (No Second Verse or Second Chorus)]
00:22:39 Rebellion
00:26:30 Runaway [Shortened (Intro/First Verse/Chorus Only); Extended Outro Transition with Wastelands Verse 1]
00:28:16 Wastelands
00:31:21 Castle Of Glass (Experience Version; Wisdom Justice And Love Bridge; The Radiance Outro)
***Ballad Medley
***00:35:44 Leave Out All The Rest
***00:37:44 Shadow Of The Day
***00:37:47 Iridescent
00:41:00 Robot Boy [Shortened (Intro, Synth Bridge, and Ending Instrumental Only)]
00:42:59 Joe Solo Medley (with Wretches And Kings, Victimized Remix, Buy Myself, Cure For The Itch, Session, Plc.4 Mie Hæd)
00:45:14 Burn It Down
00:49:08 Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro with Until It Breaks Verse 3; Wall Of Noise Outro)
00:55:10 Final Masquerade
00:59:00 Mike Solo Medley (with Joe) [with Wretches And Kings, Remember The Name; Extended Outro Transition]
1:01:43 Numb (Numb/Encore Intro/Outro + Verse 1 Guitar)
1:05:09 In The End
1:08:40 Faint (Extended Outro)
1:18:54 Lost In The Echo [Shortened (Intro/First Verse/First Chorus/Outro Only); Swirl Intro]
1:20:36 New Divide [Shortened (No First Chorus or Second Verse); Transition Outro]
1:23:47 Crawling [Shortened (No Second Verse); with Faster Tempo]
1:25:55 Until It's Gone [Shortened (Intro/Hybrid Verse/Second Chorus/Transition Outro); Extended Intro with With You Verse 1]
1:28:52 What I've Done [Short Ticking Intro; Extended Guitar Solo Bridge]
1:32:52 Bleed It Out (Extended Intro; Ext. Bridge with Drum Solo + The Catalyst Sing-a-long; Extended Ending)

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October 18, 2014
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Esplanada do Mineirão

Venue Website:

All Rights Belong to Linkin Park / WMG
All the content belongs to the respective owners

0:00:00 . Mashup Intro #2
0:01:06 . Guilty All The Same
0:06:59 . Given Up
0:10:19 . With You
0:13:43 . One Step Closer
0:16:57 . Blackout (Shortened Instrumental Only)
0:18:41 . Papercut
0:21:07 . Rebellion
0:24:58 . Runaway (Shortened, 'Wastelands' Transition Outro)
0:26:25 . Wastelands
0:29:41 . Castle Of Glass (False Start, Aborted)
0:33:50 . LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent [Ballad Medley]
0:39:06 . Robot Boy (Shortened Instrumental Only)
0:41:05 . Mr Hahn Solo Medley
0:43:18 . Numb
0:46:34 . Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ Until It Breaks Verse 3; Wall Of Noise Outro)
0:52:26 . Final Masquerade
0:56:43 . Skin To Bone / Wretches And Kings
0:57:28 . Remember The Name (Fort Minor Song)
0:58:37 . Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You (2014 Abridged Version)
1:00:59 . Somewhere I Belong
1:04:38 . In The End
1:08:10 . Faint
1:15:46 . Burn It Down
1:18:54 . Lost In The Echo
1:20:30 . New Divide
1:23:39 . Mike Shinoda Rap (Points Of Authority)
1:24:00 . Until It's Gone
1:26:36 . Short Ticking Intro
1:26:46 . What I've Done
1:30:35 . Bleed It Out

Show Notes:
On the transition outro of 'Runaway', Mike rapped verse one of 'Wastelands'. Chester sang the first line of the bridge over the outro transition.
'Castle Of Glass' had to be skipped/aborted due to Mike having keyboard issues. The intro samples could be heard right after 'Wastelands' ended but the band went into the Ballad Medley instead. Mike tweeted after the show, "Funny thing about keyboards: they only work when they have power."
Mike's keyboard messed up during 'Final Masquerade'.
Mike's solo portion of the show featured a 'hybrid' verse of 'Wretches And Kings', the chorus of 'Remember The Name' (by Fort Minor), and a 'hybrid' verse of 'Remember The Name'. After the 'hybrid' verse of 'Remember The Name', he went into the chorus again.
'Burn It Down' was plagued by many technical issues. Mike started playing the backing synth in the wrong key, causing the song to sound very off in the intro. Keyboard problems returned and the backing synth was performed for the rest of the song. When it came time for the bridge, Mike didn't come in on time, so Chester began to sing the second verse just as Mike began. After the song, Chester responded, "That was interesting."
Mike rapped the verse from 'Points Of Authority' over the extended intro of 'Until It's Gone'.
During the bridge of 'Bleed It Out', Rob performed a drum solo. Chester and Mike were supposed to sing the refrain from 'The Catalyst', but that was skipped.

Other Notes:
Brad was not at this show due to being sick and he did not make the trip to Brazil. His tech, Benjamin Chandler, filled in for him. This is not the first time that Brad has missed shows - he skipped the Japan TV promo shows in May 2012 for Living Things as well.

Get the latest news on Linkin Park at their official website:

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This video is a close to a pro-shot version of this very special gig as we're likely to get. A smaller than normal venue; Linkin Park put something special on the stage that night in London.

Afterwards my passion for the band was completely reignighted, I started to collect any video that was uploaded to YouTube and added the clips I took on the night. I started a jigsaw puzzle. This is the result.

I never intended to make this public, but with the loss of Chester, and a year on from the gig I felt it's good to look back. See the joy. The excitment of the crowd.

If you see your video amongst the collection, I thank you, and apologise. I'm going to try and put a credits list in this description as I try and work out all the names. As this was private I never intended for this to go out, so didn't keep names of accounts. I hope you like being part of a bigger picture.

This truly was built by the fans for the fans.

Thank you!

(Tracklist with extra info from

0:59 Fallout (w/ 'Roads Untraveled' Vox)
2:10 Talking To Myself
6:02 Burn It Down *
9:37 The Catalyst (Shortened)
14:27 Wastelands (w/ 'War' Outro Sample)
17:37 One Step Closer (2017 Intro; Ext. Outro)
21:08 Castle Of Glass (Experience Version; 2017 Ending w/ 'Petrified' Verse 1)
24:33 Good Goodbye (Ext. Sing-a-long Intro; w/ Live Verse; w/ Stormzy) *
28:56 Lost In The Echo (Shortened)
32:16 Nobody Can Save Me (w/ Jon Green) *
36:07 New Divide
40:35 Points Of Authority
44:05 Invisible (Ext. Intro)
47:46 Waiting For The End ('Remember The Name' Intro; Wall Of Noise Outro)
53:06 Breaking The Habit (Acapella Outro)
56:32 One More Light (Ext. Intro)
1:01:38 Crawling (Piano Version; Shortened)
1:04:47 Leave Out All The Rest (2017 Version) *
1:09:30 A Place For My Head (Ext. Intro)
1:13:32 What I've Done (2017 Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge)
1:17:02 In The End (Pause Version)
1:20:54 Bleed It Out (Direct Intro; Ext.Bridge w/ 'Reading My Eyes' Verse 1; Ext. Ending)
1:27:39 Sharp Edges (Stripped Down; Ext. Intro)
1:31:45 Numb ('Numb/Encore' Intro/Outro)
1:35:10 Heavy (Ext. Intro)
1:38:08 Papercut
1:41:16 Faint (Ext. Outro)

* Mixed with official audio from OML Live. Go buy the album. It's beautiful.

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Houston, Texas / Irving (Dallas), Texas
Reliant Stadium / Texas Stadium
Summer Sanitarium - 'Live in Texas' DVD
2nd August 2003 / 3rd August 2003

01. Foreword / Don't Stay - 01:24
02. Somewhere I Belong - 04:33
03. Lying From You - 08:09
04. Papercut - 11:40
05. Points Of Authority - 14:50
06. Runaway - 18:17
07. Faint - 21:54
08. From The Inside - 24:43
09. Figure.09 - 27:45
10. With You - 31:36
11. By Myself - 34:57
12. P5hng Me A*wy - 40:18
13. Numb - 46:19
14. Crawling - 49:26
15. In The End - 53:14
16. A Place For My Head - 56:59
17. One Step Closer - 1:01:35

For more info check out the official Live Guide on

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European Tour
May 26, 2012
Lisboa, PT
Parque da Bela Vista
Rock in Rio Lisboa V

Venue Website:

© 2012 Rock World S.A.
© 2012 WMG and Linkin Park

0:00:00 . Interview w/ Chester
0:03:03 . Intro
0:05:00 . A Place For My Head
0:07:55 . Given Up
0:11:15 . Faint
0:15:11 . With You
0:18:49 . Runaway
0:21:58 . From The Inside
0:26:08 . Somewhere I Belong
0:30:28 . Numb
0:34:00 . Lies Greed Misery (Live Debut)
0:36:29 . Points Of Authority
0:40:00 . Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ Until It Breaks Verse 3; Wall Of Noise Outro)
0:45:25 . Breaking The Habit
0:49:31 . LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent [Ballad Medley]
0:55:03 . The Catalyst
1:00:55 . Burn It Down
1:05:14 . What I've Done
1:08:48 . Crawling
1:13:01 . New Divide
1:17:40 . In The End
1:21:13 . Bleed It Out (w/ Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' bridge)
1:26:09 . Papercut
1:29:20 . One Step Closer

Show Notes:

A new setlist was debuted for this show.
'A Place For My Head' was performed for the first time since 2010.10.25 Paris when it was played for a one-off performance for the Hybrid Theory 10th Anniversary. The song featured a new, extended intro and an extended outro. It was also the first time it has opened a show since June 8, 2001 in Tinley Park, IL.
Random drum samples started playing during the first verse of 'Faint'. This is very audible in the webcast and TV versions of the show.
The sample part of the intro to 'Somewhere I Belong' was stopped and restarted.
Mike rapped verse two of 'Until It Breaks' over the intro to 'Waiting For The End'.
Chester went into the crowd on the bridge of 'Somewhere I Belong' until the end of the song, the end of 'What I've Done', and on the first verse of 'Crawling' until the end of the song. Mike went in the crowd on 'In The End'.
Joe messed up the 'Numb' intro and 'Crawling' intro.
Chester messed up the lyrics to the first verse of 'Crawling'.
When Chester was in the crowd on 'Crawling', someone draped him with a big scarf for the FC Porto soccer team and the Lisboa fans let him know they weren't happy with it! When Mike was in the crowd on 'In The End', fans tried to put a Lisbon team scarf around him unsuccessfully.
'Bleed It Out' featured the Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' bridge.
After 'Bleed It Out', the intro sample to 'Papercut' started right away but Mike said something like "Hold on a sec". The intro was stopped immediately and after a few seconds he said "Alright Pooch, crank that shit up" before the song restarted.


This was the first time that 'Lies Greed Misery' was performed live.

Other Notes:

The band did not play last at the festival. They were in between The Offspring and Smashing Pumpkins (who played after them) on the bill.
Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit (who played earlier in the day) gave a shout out to Linkin Park during the LB set and sang part of 'In The End'.
The DSPs (Digital Souvenir Packages) for Rock In Rio and Pinkpop were not offered for presale until May 28, 2012. This is the first time DSPs were not offered for presale before the tour start
ed since they began on January 24, 2008 in Nottingham, ENG.

Get the latest news on Linkin Park at their official website:

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Linkin Park's full Download Festival concert in Donington Castle, England on June 14, 2014. This video was made using two professionally shot sources, multiple audience videos, an audience audio recording and the "Hybrid Theory: Live at Download Festival 2014" album.

This show was the first and only time Linkin Park played every song from "Hybrid Theory" from front to back in concert, meaning this was also the last times Chester Bennington would perform "By Myself", "Forgotten" and "Pushing Me Away" live before passing away in 2017.

Had to reupload this one, I fixed some audio syncing issues, along with adding more photos, enjoy!

Tour: The Hunting Party

0:00:00 - 00. Intro

Act I: Hybrid Theory (SBD)
0:03:36 - 01. Papercut
0:06:43 - 02. One Step Closer (Ext. Outro) [PRO]
0:09:55 - 03. With You
0:13:30 - 04. Points Of Authority
0:18:28 - 05. Crawling
0:22:07 - 06. Runaway
0:25:30 - 07. By Myself (First performance since 2003)*
0:28:53 - 08. In The End (PRO)
0:32:35 - 09. A Place For My Head
0:36:24 - 10. Forgotten (First performance since 2002)*
0:39:50 - 11. Cure For The Itch (Full Song Live Premiere; 2014 Version)
0:42:40 - 12. Pushing Me Away (First performance since 2008)*

Act II
0:48:36 - 13. Mashup Intro #1 (w/ The Catalyst, The Requiem, 1stp Klosr)
0:51:00 - 14. Guilty All The Same
0:56:53 - 15. Given Up (Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note)
1:00:54 - 16. Wastelands [Hard Start (No Album Version Intro)] (PRO)
1:04:06 - 17. Burn It Down
1:08:03 - 18. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ Until It Breaks V2; Wall of Noise Outro)
1:13:28 - 19. Numb (Numb/Encore Intro/Outro)
1:17:04 - 20a. Until It's Gone (Ext. The Catalyst + No More Sorrow Mashup Intro)**
1:18:47 - 20b. Until It's Gone (Ext. Outro Transition) (PRO)
1:22:48 - 21. Lost In The Echo (No Second Verse or Second Chorus)
1:25:16 - 22. New Divide (No Second Verse or Second Chorus)
1:28:25 - 23. What I've Done (Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge)
1:32:55 - 24. Bleed It Out (Ext. Intro; Ext. Bridge w/ Drum Solo + The Catalyst Refrain; Ext. Ending)

* Chester's final live performance of this song
** Audio only

Sectioned playlist ►

Special Thanks to TheCob15, secretclown, nichollss94, Andy Russ, Gunner12374, Thomas Turner, Matthew Dunkley, xPhoenix7389x, Thomas Turner and a few other LP fans for sharing their footage from the concert!

Other Show Notes -
- 'By Myself' was last performed live on October 29, 2003 in Seoul, South Korea. Mike read lyrics from the stage for both By Myself and Forgotten.
- 'Forgotten' was last confirmed to have been performed on February 24, 2002 in Las Vegas, but the band performed a show at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles on March 4, 2002 for a benefit concert. The setlist for that show is unknown, but it was likely that the Projekt Revolution 2002 headlining setlist (which included 'Forgotten') was performed at that show. The band messed up the beginning of the song, with Chester and Mike both skipping the first line. Mike messed up part of the second verse.
- 'Cure For The Itch' was last performed on August 31, 2011 in Los Angeles. That version of the song (performed throughout Europe and North America in summer 2008 as well as for two shows in August 2011) was a remix. The studio version was last performed on June 4, 2001 in London, but all performances in 2000 and 2001 were shortened. See the Debut note for this version of the song.
-' Pushing Me Away' was last performed on August 21, 2008 in Maryland Heights, MO. The piano version of the song was last performed two shows later on August 24, 2008 in Woodlands, TX.
- After Hybrid Theory, eleven more songs were performed to close out the show.
- 'Wastelands' was performed with a hard start to the song due to it being the first performance without it coming out of the end of 'Runaway' like all of the prior shows in 2014.
- The intro for 'Until It's Gone' featured parts of 'No More Sorrow', 'The Catalyst', 'New Divide', and 'Until It's Gone' mashed together.
- From the encore "medley" (all songs were performed essentially transitioning out of each other), 'A Light That Never Comes' and obviously 'Crawling' were removed.
- During the bridge of 'Bleed It Out', Rob performed a drum solo before the band sang a refrain from 'The Catalyst'.
- This is the first full show that 'Faint' has not been played at since the beginning of the LP Underground Tour in 2003 when it was debuted live for the first time. It is also the first time that just one song from Meteora ('Numb') was on the setlist for a show since the touring cycle began for that album.
- This was the first time that the full studio version of 'Cure For The Itch' was performed live. Mike rerecorded the vocal samples in the song for this performance and Joe added a few more improv beats over the song. The ending fade-out was lot longer than the studio version and past performances.

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deinterlaced + dvd quality

0:00 - Intro
1:43 - With You
5:04 - Runaway
8:45 - Papercuts
11:58 - By Myself
15:01 - Points Of Authority
18:51 - High Voltage
23:31 - Crawling
26:59 - Pushing Me Away
30:53 - And One
33:40 - In The End
37:56 - A Place For My Head
41:18 - Forgotten
46:54 - One Step Closer

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October 18, 2014
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Esplanada do Mineirão

Mashup Intro#2 00:00
Guilty All The Same 1:30
Given Up 7:46
With You 11:08
One Step Closer 14:31
Blackout/Papercut 17:44
Rebellion 21:55
Runaway 25:47 / Wastelands 27:13
Robot boy 39:53 / Mr hahn Solo 41:53
Numb 44:05
Waiting For The End 47:22
Final Masquerade 53:19
Mike solo medley/Remember the name 57:30
Lying from you 59:24
Somewhere i belong 1:01:47
In the end 1:05:25
Faint 1:08:57
Burn it down 1:16:55
Lost in the echo 1:19:42
New Divide 1:21:18
Until its gone 1:24:48
What i ve done 1:27:35
Bleed it out 1:31:22

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Camden, New Jersey, USA
Tweeter Center at the Waterfront
Projekt Revolution Tour
3rd August 2004

01. Don't Stay - 00:00
02. Lying From You - 04:06
03. Papercut - 07:26
04. Points Of Authority - 10:48
05. With You - 14:10
06. Runaway - 17:39
07. Hip Hop Medley (feat Ivan) - 21:08
08. Somewhere I Belong - 27:53
09. Figure.09 - 31:48
10. From The Inside - 36:37
11. Breaking The Habit - 40:16
12. Numb - 45:23
13. Faint - 52:34
14. In The End - 55:50
15. A Place For My Head - 1:00:25
16. Crawling - 1:07:28
17. Wish (Nine Inch Nails cover) - 1:12:25
18. One Step Closer (feat. Jonathan Davis) - 1:16:37

For more info check out the official Live Guide on

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01 One step closer 00:00
02 Lost in the echo 02:35
03 Somewhere I belong 06:01
04 Given up 09:35
05 Papercut 12:44
06 Waiting for the end 15:50
07 Burn it down 19:41
08 Lying from you 23:32
09 Leave out all the rest 26:27
10 Crawling 29:56
11 Iridescent 33:25
12 Castle of glass 38:22
13 Faint 41:47
14 Bleed it out 44:29
15 In the end 47:14
16 Roads untraveled 50:50
17 From the inside 54:40
18 Shadow of the day 57:36
19 Place for my head 1:02:25
20 Numb 1:05:30
21 What I’ve done 1:08:38

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Live concert

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NEW: A.e.r.o. - Live Ambient Performance
Support me with a donation - Improved sound quality through compression, equalization, stereo expansion, etc. One of the best LP live convert ever! Original video:

00:14. Intro
01:20. With You
04:46. Runaway
07:57. Interlude
08:30. Papercut
12:37. By Myself
15:42. Points Of Authority
19:17. High Voltage (Mike Shinoda Remix)
24:07. Crawling
27:35. Pushing Me Away
31:27. Pictureboard (Short Jam)
32:40. And One
35:20. In The End
39:09. A Place For My Head
42:30. Mr Hahn DJ Performance
43:50. Forgotten
49:16. Sweet Child O'Mine (Guns N Roses Cover) (not in HD)
51:03. One Step Closer (not in HD)

(c) Linkin Park / WMG

NEW! Linkin Park - In The End (A.e.r.o. Remix) -

My music:
#LinkinPark #RockAmRing2001 #ChesterBennington

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00:00 Somewhere I Belong
03:36 Lying From You
06:45 Papercut
09:51 Points Of Authority
13:17 Runaway
16:24 Faint
19:10 From The Inside
22:10 P5hng Me A*wy
27:14 Numb
30:20 Crawling
33:54 In The End
37:26 One Step Closer

Redes sociales oficiales de Linkin Park:

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Linkin Park covers by symphony orchestra RockestraLive.
Conductor Vladimir Obukhov.
Arrangements by Sergey Akimov and Vladimir Obukhov.
Place: Theatre Concert Hall (


1. Talking to Myself
2. Burn It Down
3. Given Up
4. Breaking the Habit
5. Leave Out All the Rest
6. Battle Symphony
7. New Divide
8. Crawling
9. Shadow of the Day
10. What I've Done
11. Don't Stay
12. With You
13. In the End
14. Faint
15. Numb
16. One More Light
17. One Step Closer

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9/22/2012 Las Vegas, Nevada MGM Grand - Garden Arena

©2012 Warner Bros.Records Inc., A Warner Music Group Company. All Rights Reserved. For entertainment purposes only.

Festival Website:

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